Charlotte and Thom

“After visiting a number of bridal shops, I met Lizzie at Calke Abbey and instantly knew that I wanted to have my wedding dress designed and made by her. Lizzie was so passionate and enthusiastic about creating my perfect dress; every little detail was accounted for. Her approach is calming and confident, which is needed when for many months you only have a vision of the dress! Lizzie was also on hand to help me on my wedding day, her commitment
doesn’t stop until you walk down the aisle. Lizzie took my idea and was able to design a dress that matched this perfectly. She uses lovely fabrics and is very welcoming at her lovely boutique.”

Creating Charlotte’s Wedding Dress was a dream come true. Not only is she and her family some of the loveliest people I have ever met, but she was just so giddy with excitement all the way through the wedding preparations, it was infectious!

We first met each other at a Wedding Fayre at Calke Abbey, the location for her and Thom’s reception. Charlotte explained to me that she had an idea of what she wanted for her wedding dress, and that she had been to try some on but had managed to pick fault with them all so having it made for her was a perfect option.

Charlotte came to the Belper boutique to try on our designs and discuss what she wanted. It was there she met and fell in love with “Gracie Rose”, the feel of the Silk Habotai and the fullness of the skirt. The point detail on the bodice happened entirely by accident. We were just playing with the neckline and happened to come upon this amazing shape. When we added the French lace top the dress was perfect, not forgetting the stunning hand appliquéd French lace veil that was worn ALL DAY! xXx


All images by the amazing Lee and Graeme at Humpston and Bull

Flowers by Emily Wisher Artisan Florist

Make up by Amy Wilkinson

Hair by L. H. Professional

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