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Helen and Lucy

“Lizzie could not have done anymore to put me at ease from day 1. She is kind, funny and patient, whilst being very creative and talented. She knew the style that would suit my figure, how to make it bespoke to my likes and made what seemed a daunting process to me, so easy and enjoyable.”- Helen

“Lizzie has a unique way of putting you at ease! Nothing is too much trouble to try, even if it means spending hours trying on all the dresses she has designed. Lizzie always went the extra mile to ensure our dresses were exactly what we wanted, even coming to the venue to on the day to make sure the dresses were perfect! Lizzie is ace!!!”-Lucy

The venue, The West Mill

Flowers, Twisted Willow

Photography, Becky Ryan

Traditional English Church Wedding

A Traditional Wedding for Stephanie and Robert

A traditional church spring wedding

Stephanie was the epitome of a classic, traditional and timeless bride. She and Robert were married at St Susannahs Church in Horsley Woodhouse. Then their reception was at The Farmhouse at Mackworth. For their traditional wedding, Stephanie chose to wear our stunning Gracie Rose with the added loveliness of a lace jacket with sleeves, pockets, a super long train and a delicate lace edge veil for her beautiful spring wedding. Small personal touches such as tulips for her flowers, the tea and biscuit station and creating their own decorations, therefor making their day even more special to them and their guests.

Read on to discover Stephanie and Roberts wedding journey and the personal details they created for their special day.

What was the proposal like?

“My husband proposed in the comfort of our own home but it was an unbelievably special proposal. I came home to a rose on the door with one of my favourite songs playing. I walked into our hallway where the cabinet I’d wanted for ages was sat. The cabinet consisted of eleven draws each with a numbered luggage label. Each one was filled with a handwritten note and some special tokens. In the last one was the ring and the message asking me to marry Rob, when I turned around Rob was there! I couldn’t stop crying. “

What was searching for your perfect wedding dress like?

I knew in my head what I’d always wanted and after seeing other people’s experiences and dresses from Lizzie, I wanted an Elizabeth Malcolm dress and experience. Searching for my perfect dress was easy – as soon as I walked through Lizzie’s door, she was ready to help me make my perfect dress a reality.

 How did you choose the ‘THE ONE’?

I knew the style of dress I wanted and I knew which one of Lizzie’s dresses was my dream style – ‘Gracie-Rose’. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the dress for me. I wanted a traditional dress but still, one that was unique to me. Lizzie helped me create my dress just that by adding all those extra parts to ‘Gracie-Rose’ that I wanted. A lace jacket and sleeves, the train, pockets, buttons all the way down the back and a huge veil. Lizzie was incredible at listening to all my ideas and incorporating these into making the perfect dress. Each appointment was such an incredible experience.

Seeing your dress develop in front of your eyes and receiving the all-important wedding day advice from Lizzie was priceless. Lizzie always made me and my Mum feel so welcome and she was with us every step of the way. She was even integral to the wedding morning, which flowed so well.

 What was your absolute most favourite part of your dress?

There were too many parts of my dress that I loved to pick a favourite. I loved my lace jacket that was added to the top of my dress. It was always my dream to have lace sleeves and it just gave the detail to my dress that I wanted. I was so pleased with my pockets that Lizzie added to my dress to carry those all-important tissues that I was going to need. When I showed my pockets to my husband in the service he was so impressed! I also adored the embroidered name and date that Lizzie added inside my dress along with my ‘something blue’ ribbon and a piece of my mum’s wedding dress.

What accessories did you go for to make your look complete?

I had a beautiful diamond belt around my waist which tied in a bow at the back. I purposely went for a high neck-line dress to avoid having to pick a necklace. I went with a pearl and diamond bracelet and a matching hair grip with pearl earrings.

Who did your hair and makeup?

My local beautician, Caroline from Vanity Hair in Kilburn, did my make-up. I wanted someone who knew me well and could give me that all-important bridal look but still keep me as natural as possible, I don’t wear much make-up in my everyday life. I also went with my regular hairdresser, Kelly from Blend in Derby. She has been my hairdresser for many years and knows my hair inside out. She was incredible at making a plan with me to make sure my hair was the right length and colour to what I wanted for the big day.

How did you decide on your look?

Everything seemed to fall into place with how I looked. I had a basic idea in my head of what I wanted. When I shared these ideas with the professionals around me, they then guided me to help make these ideas possible and to make sure everything worked with what I wanted.

How would you describe the styling of your wedding?

Our wedding was traditional but with a rustic theme. I wanted a traditional feel to our wedding day but with our own personality thrown in. We went for the wooden and hessian look with all our own decorations mixed in and I loved how much we did ourselves. We made a lot of our own decorations and I loved seeing it all come together on the day.

Where did you get your wedding inspiration from?

A lot of our inspiration came from things we had seen online. We would find an idea and then see how we could incorporate this into our big day.

Any small details that you would like to mention?

I love revisiting all the memories from our wedding, especially our guest book and photo-booth book that our guests could write in. But I am really looking forward to opening our first-anniversary jar. We asked our guests to write us a message on a luggage label and put them in a jar for us to open on our anniversary. We had a first anniversary and a tenth-anniversary jar. The tenth is hidden away but our first is on show ready to open on our anniversary. 

 Did you follow any wedding traditions?

Our wedding was very traditional. A church wedding with a fancy wedding car to take us to our venue. Groomsmen in tails, a three-tiered cake and formal seating on the top table. One tradition that we did follow which didn’t bother me at the time but I am now so glad we did was the line-up into our wedding breakfast. I thought it was old fashioned and unnecessary, but my venue encouraged us that it is a nice idea to give people chance to take in the seating plan and get settle and that it gives us a chance to see everyone. Without that line-up, I don’t think I would have spoken to all our guests on such a busy day. I had some lovely, unforgettable moments with my friends and family during the line-up.

What music did you have during the ceremony?

In the church, we had the traditional wedding march into the ceremony and ‘Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ on the way out. I had ‘Jerusalem’ as it is one of my hymns that I have always loved. While signing the register we had ‘You Were Meant For Me’ from Singin in the Rain because of my love of musicals and ‘All I Want Is You’ by Barry Louis Polisar. While eating our wedding breakfast, we used a playlist Rob and I had made. We tried to include as many of our guests’ own wedding songs to catch their attention and bring back brilliant memories for them. 

What about your first dance song?

We had Steve Tyrell’s version of ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ from ‘Father of the Bride’. The song means so much to me and we both loved the lyrics.

What was your most memorable moment of the day?

My most memorable moment of the day has got to be the evening reception. The whole day is special and full of special moments. I loved having the car ride to the reception where Rob and I had a few moments together and a chance to breathe. However, the evening was just exceptional and Rob and I talk about it so often. From the atmosphere of everyone dancing to our incredible Rock n’ Roll band, ‘The Buddies’. Even the brilliant cheesy disco after was great and everyone gave it their all. Anyone not dancing was eating great food and enjoying the photo booth. We ended in a huge circle with Rob and I in the middle dancing to The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’. I loved how we let ourselves go at night and really did dance the night away.

Do you have any tips for brides to be for wedding planning?

A lot of my tips came from other peoples experiences and a lot from the companies we’d chosen to work with. Make sure you have what you want and not what anyone else wants. Only invite the people you want there and don’t let others persuade you. Soak in every minute of your day and enjoy every minute of the planning and build-up. This was the best advice given to me and it was perfect in the end.

Likewise, make lists, lists, lists. I had so many lists and it helped so much seeing things getting crossed off, but also making sure everything gets done. Lists also help your spouse to be, as they don’t always know what’s going on in your head. Also, during the planning, when everything gets on top of you and you just want the wedding to come, just remember that it’s going to be amazing. It will be the best day of your life and, when it’s done, you really are going to want to do it all over again.

Elizabeth Malcolm Traditional Wedding Dress

Images were taken by a family friend. The venue was St Susannahs Church in Horsley Woodhouse and Reception was at The Farmhouse at Mackworth. The flowers were created by Polka Dot Florist. Make-up was by Caroline from Vanity Hair in Kilburn, Kelly from Blend in Derby did Stephanies Hair. Suit hire was from Brigdans Derby

Top Tips to feel more positive about your Wedding postponement during COVID-19

Over this past month, the effect of the COVID-19 virus has been immense. We at Elizabeth Malcolm, are here to try and shine a light for all brides out in wedding land. We are sharing our top tips for feeling positive though this tricky and difficult time. As well as some ideas on how to handle your wedding postponement.

Firstly I want to say a massive hello to you and give you all a virtual cuddle. What a horrible and scary time for us and my heart goes out to you if you are having to rearrange your special day. As most of you have been planning for about 2 years, just even thinking about postponing your wedding, never mind actually doing this is extremely overwhelming and stressful.

With this in mind, I have come up with a few top tips for you so you can start to feel positive about postponing your wedding day. Also, there are some tasks you can be doing to try and lift your spirits and get you wedding-ready again!

Try Not To Panic, Your Wedding Is Postponed Not Cancelled

I know that is so easy to say and not that easy to put into practice, but just breathe… Your wedding has been postponed, not cancelled. You are still getting married to your favourite ever person and your best people will still be around you. It just may not happen on the day you were expecting. Guests will absolutely understand, and if they don’t then why are they even invited! Can you actually imagine after all this has ended, and we are allowed to gather and party again, just how happy everyone will be to celebrate with you and shower you with love and affection? The party will be epic!

Naomi and Stuart

Do Those Jobs You Wanted To Do But Were Running Out Of Time For.

Because of your postponement, now you have got the time to finish those handmade signs you wanted to paint. To creative photo booth backdrop that you couldn’t get your head around. Or even those pesky personalised favours you have been trying to create. Take back some control, be proactive and get some tasks done. You will feel so much better for it!

This article from Brides gives great tips on DIY wedding decorations that can give a personalised feel to the day!

Do Your Research

For those of you that are still in the planning stage. There is no reason why you can’t continue on with that. If you have access to a computer get emailing those suppliers you have been looking into to find out more information about them. They will be more than happy to hear from you. Trust me.

Why not browse through our collection?

Organise Your Research And Pinterest Boards

Get all your research together in a coherent file. And maybe go through everything you have collected. This will actually help you greatly in the long run as you are refreshing your ideas in your mind and can filter out elements you actually don’t want. Therefore resulting in you being a lot more prepared with cohesive ideas when life goes back to some normality. You can then resume wedding planning on the right foot.

Build Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a fantastic source of information for your guests and if you enjoy creating one you could really go to town with it. You could list hotels in the area, taxi companies, make an itinerary of the day, or days. The possibilities are endless here!

This is a really good article with examples of wedding websites


You could start online dance lessons! Now this one excites me so much! Learn a few moves to dazzle your guests with. Please don’t try the dirty dancing lift, we really do not need more people in AandE.

wedding dance

Be In Contact With Your Suppliers.

It is so so important that you have a good, trustworthy relationship with your wedding suppliers. Most will have already contacted you with their plan if your wedding is in the near future. If your wedding is more than 8 weeks away, don’t worry they will be contacting you.

I want you to know that as a supplier myself, our goal is to always have your back no matter what. We don’t want you to worry about anything concerning the service we are providing and the main adjective is that you have the most amazing day! We love our jobs and who we get to meet, and actually by the end, many customers become friends through this process.

My fellow industry friends have been shaken to the core with what is happening at the moment to our beloved industry. Most are self-employed. Have spent years building their amazing businesses up from nothing and now have the very real threat of it being taken away. Please spare a thought for them at this horrendous time. Show your support for them any way you can. They are working tirelessly to still provide you with excellent service through these difficult few weeks.

Practice Self-care, Eat Well, Drink Lots Of Water

I think this one goes out to us all at this point. Again, very easy to say, but as I have been reaching for the biscuit and sweetie tin this past week, I have noticed a massive change in my skin! It’s red and puffy, I’m getting spots along my jawline and I am actually feeling quite sluggish in myself. I know this is partly stress related but I can help the situation by not eating an entire share bag of starburst at 11 am.

That’s not to say I think we should all cut out the yummy stuff completely! This is a horrible time and if I want to eat a biscuit I will! But maybe the nine after it isn’t such a good idea…

Take some time for you. Have a bath, read a book, get outside and go for a walk (whilst adhering to the social distancing rules). I am actually thankful that this is happening in spring. It is a lovely time of the year, full of new growth and new life. If it’s a nice day sit out in your garden, put down your phone and just be.

Be Kind

I’m not trying to be boring or preach at you with this one. But I truly believe in being kind to ourselves and one another. I understand how frustrating and upsetting this is. There is so much uncertainty and decisions are being taken out of our hands at a fast pace. But we are all in this together, we are all facing the same uncertain times. It is important to recognise how our actions and words can affect each other. Your family and friends. Those key workers, (which includes shop workers, the teachers, the caregivers, transportation workers, those superhumans fighting every day in our NHS) and many more people who are trying to do their jobs the best they can. Give them a smile, a clap, a show of support.

And lastly, be kind to yourself. If you need to have a cry, do. If you need to go for a walk without your other half, do. It’s okay to feel upset, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s how we deal with it after that counts.

Stay safe, Stay calm, wash your hands


Samantha and Alex

“Lizzie is quite simply amazing! She is friendly, patient and understanding as well as being incredibly talented! She worked too hard to make my vision come to life and designed me the most beautiful bespoke dress which was unlike anything I’d tried on. Lizzie cake to dress me on the morning of my wedding as well to make sure everything was perfect. Such an incredible service. The whole experience of seeing my ideas coming to life was really special.”

Images by Martin Urch

Hair by Harriet Harvey Hair Salon

Makeup by Josie Clarke

Venue and Flowers by Floral Media

Sarah and James

“When I first met Lizzie I had no idea what I wanted and was so in girly I was scared of trying on and touching the dresses. Fast forward she helped guide me through everything, created a gorgeous dress that was perfect with some hidden “me”. My husband said the dress was absolutely beautiful and she had outdone herself. Lizzie is much more than a dressmaker, she becomes a friend and offers advice generally along the way (plus she tactfully helps guide the bridal party when you need it!) “

Together we designed Sarah the perfect dress for her wedding day to James in June. This gorgeous 1950’s inspired number has the most beautiful french lace applique on the bodice and the skirt was filled with layers of soft tulle.

All images were taken by Bethany Howarth Photography

Hair and Make up for Bride, Mother of Bride and Groom and the Bridesmaids was done by Amazing Grace.

Flowers were created by Polka Dot Forest,

Tipi was provided by Sami Tipi

Winning The Wedding Industry Award Regionals

We WON! we only went and won!

Every year since opening Elizabeth Malcolm we have entered The Wedding Industry Awards. These awards are basically the OSCARS of the wedding industry, set up to recognise excellent wedding suppliers. And if you are planning your wedding their website is a very useful tool to find very amazing suppliers too!

The reason that we only enter The Wedding Industry Awards is that they are the only regional and national client voted awards in the wedding industry, and above all the feedback we receive from our customers and judges is vital to us for keeping our standards at the highest possible level.

Every year we have entered the awards we have amazingly become a Regional Finalist. Last year however was slightly different. Last year we actually won the regional award and then went on to achieve the Highly Commended award at the Nationals. So this year I decided that we definitely needed to come back and defend our title!

We are just so ecstatic to have won the Regionals again and have been floating around in a bubble ever since. It is such an honour to be involved in every single one of our bride’s weddings and we are so thankful for them having taken their time to vote for us. The next stage is the London Regional Finals in January. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


One of our showstoppers, full of romance and femininity. The fully corseted inner bodice creates an amazing shape, nipping in your waist and giving you support. The off-the-shoulder neckline is so romantic and the wonderful layers of the skirt are full of movement. Created from silk dupion, delicate French lace and silk chiffon, it is easy to see why this number is so romantic!


An elegant and beautifully soft fishtail silhouette. This gown has one of the most stunning french laces, cleverly cut out so that the pattern flows beautifully up the dress. The beauty of this dress is in the details; the lace, a delicate and simple satin sash and the lovely little covered buttons.


Sophisticated, elegant and a little bit sassy! This gorgeous bateau neckline is reminiscent of a bygone era with the plunging backline and statement front bow, bringing a contemporary edge. Created from an amazing faux silk dupion, this gown has a wonderful texture and is vegan-friendly.